Logo Sketches: Higé Comics and Toothbrush Warrior Julie

My girlfriend  and fellow illustrator, Eri Takatsuka, and I are planning to make our own little comic brand. On this collaboration, we're making a hand full of titles such as "Toothbrush Warrior Julie" "Fresh Produce Squad: Vitaminja" and " A slice of Chicken." While both of us are co writing, Eri is doing most of the artwork and I'm focusing more on the design aspects. 

So Eri is a big fan of mustaches and she really wanted to call our brand "Hige Comics." In Japanese, "hige" means mustache or facial hair. Rather than focusing on the serious action genre like major comic brands, Eri and I wanted to create something more fun and light hearted. The color palette, font choice and design shape is reflected to that approach. You'll also notice that there are English and Japanese versions. The reason behind this is that most of our work in this project is anime/manga inspired and both of us were also considering publishing in Japan. 


As mentioned, one of our featured titles for "Hige Comics" is "Toothbrush Warrior Julie." Its a story I've been personally developing and writing for a long time and am very excited that Eri is brining her illustration skills to the development.  Hopefully more to come on this project!