Voltron: Hunk

"Im a leg!!"

Here's Chibi Hunk from Voltron Legendary Defender. I did Pidge last month and I'm thinking of making the rest of the Paladins as an acrylic key chain set. Please like and comment if you would like to see these as keychains and which Paladin you would like to see next!

Hi-Res now available on my Patreon!

Time lapse Video coming soon!


Homestay 2015 part 1

Collaboration with fellow Illustrator, Eri Takatsuka. Project is for a summer education program that allows Japanese high school students experience the American family lifestyle and practice their English through homestays. The original sketches are done by Eri, vector and color are done by me. I will post more pics for this collection later. If you like to see more of Eri's amazing work, please visit her page here: http://eritakatsuka.tumblr.com/