Jet's D&D Adventure Concept

So this was an interesting project I've never done before. Our dear friend, Jet, is getting married and for his bachelor's party, we made him his very own Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Within the character design, I had to combine Jet's 3 top favorite fandoms: Star Wars, Pokemon and Naruto. 


Magma Ver. 3

Here is 3rd version of a character I made waaaaay back in 2009. It's been so long, I forgot her name; so we'll her Magma for now. I originally made her for my cousin, Nicole, back then and re-drew it a second time in 2012. Now we're here in 2018 and its a surreal feeling to see how I myself have grown and changed as an artist. Just goes to show that the only way to get better at this art stuff is to keep on drawing. Stay strong my fellow artists and keep up the good work! 

2018 version

2018 version

2012 and 2009 versions

2012 and 2009 versions

Happy 2018!

My oh my, I can't believe I made it through 2017. I know I'm late but starting out strong! Along with other personal things I'm hoping to make more Illustrations, finish Toothbrush Fighter Julie Vol.2 and some other surprises. Stay tuned and have a wonderful year!

zoom in

zoom in

zoom out

zoom out

Merry Christmas! 2017

Hey everyone! Just here to greet you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays! 

I know I haven't been post a lot recently and I would like to change that. Along with more Toothbrush Fighter Julie, I would like to hear from you on what kind of work you would like to see in 2018! More fanart, more portraits, more sketches, more collaborations? I'm all ears! Lets make the up-coming year an enjoyable one!


Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone~ its been quite a hectic month but hopefully you'll be seeing more finished work from me next month #halloween #toothbrushfighterjulie #doodle #doodlesofinstagram #artistsoninstagram #drawing #art

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 11.41.54 PM.png

Mischievous Milk Maid ver. 2

Been doing a lot of thinking on how to progress Julie. I really want to do a sequel to the first story but I feel like the first story needs some more fine tuning. A long with funnier dialog, I thought the Milk Maid could look a bit more evil and well thought of. Also trying to come up with a witty name for her? Any ideas?

mischevious milkmaid 2.0.jpg

Dance Dance Julie

Julie gets owned at Biscuit's favorite arcade game. #toothbrushfighterjulie #drawing #doodlesofinstagram #artistsoninstagram #ddr

Dance Dance Julie.jpg

More Naoki doodles

Naoki & Sashimi

”how long has she been standing there?? Did she see me crying? Wait, why does she have a mustache?” -Naoki