Jeremy Set Sails

Commission for Paula Damian. Her husband got accepted to the US Navy and he ships out today. Good luck with the new career path, buddy!

Birthday Commission: Kai's top 10

Got commissioned to do a little birthday portrait. Client wanted a full out illustration with hidden eater eggs of the Birthday Boy’s “Top 10 favorite things in the world.” Haven’t done these kind of illustrations in a while so it was an exciting change of pace. I’ll admit, it took a lot longer than what I was hoping but it was a great experience playing around with color and atmospheric perspective.

Happy Birthday Kai!


Pokefight 2019

The Ghost-type Geo- - - - -

It’s been a week since the start of the #pokefight2019contest! Have you joined in the fight? All you gotta do is:

1) Draw yourself as a trainer with a Pokémon team. 

2) Use the hashtag #pokefight2019when you upload your drawing.

3) The contest will end on 20 Sep 2019.

4) The results will be announced on 27 September r8 winners will be chosen by us and will win 8 art prints from us gym leaders!

We can't wait to battle you guys. Train on!


Julie's house 2.0

Staging out the next chapter of Toothbrush Fighter Julie, decided to go with a new house design. I did like the old design but I wanted to give more of a homage from my past life in San Francisco. I love the cramped small house city vibe with a splash of vibrant California colors. A couple of the color palettes and design elements are inspired by the apartments I lived in. Also took some time to design the logos for the shops on the side.

julie house 2.0.png

Soft Boy Summer

How’s everyone’s summer been? I’ve been trying out new techniques and brushing up my drawing style.

Sofy Boy Title 07.22.19.png
Sofy Boy Zoom 07.22.19.png

Ada's Twitch Tech Talk

These graphics are for my friend Ada. She does a web development based talk on Twitch called “Ada’s Twitch Tech Talk” Her streams cover a bunch of interesting things and helps others on advanced coding for the web.

You can also check out Ada’s streams and video’s here!

Check out the rest of the graphics I made for her on my portfolio page!


Homestay Design Exercise

Late night design exercise. I was really inspired by Japanese vertical type compositions and I wanted to see whatIi could do with an old project from years back.

Please note: This is a fictional event. I do not know if such events will be held again.


Couple of roughs. Half way through, I tried making my own font for a more unique consistency.

Couple of roughs. Half way through, I tried making my own font for a more unique consistency.


Space Daddy!

Happy Birthday Shiro! Well technically there isn’t a Feb 29th in 2019 (damn leap years) but that should stop us from celebrating Space Daddy’s birthday!


An Intro to Toothbrush Fighter Julie

So I decided to “reboot”my old comic for a more web based format. Thought the best way to start is to give a short introduction comic. So everyone, meet Julie!